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I like how everything went so smoothly together. I personally believe that this should be the actual video to the song becuase its so well put together. You should of been the one to make the video for the ultimate showdown. lol.


I had an orgasm watching this! (thats a good thing)

somebody has too much time on their hands.

Its for out entertainment though and thats what matters. O yes, we are falling in love!

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i like this but i think you are starting to make the ghost motel series way to easy. This is so much easier than any other one ive played. your still doing good and i like fighting demons but it was just not like the others...

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Too many games like this!

im sorry, you did a good job and stuff, there are just way to many games like this on newgrounds right now. If you were to maybe try something different or make this game better than the ones that were already made like the frank adventure games, make a better game get a better score!


this one wasnt as challenging as the others but it is good. keep up the good work, are we going to actually fight the demons or is it going to be like a cinema type fight?
good work.

Violet-AIM responds:

Odd, some people say this was hard, but you say it's easy. I agree with you that it was easy, but of course I already knew the solution. Well, in ep.8 (the game), you will get a chance to fight the demons in the virtual reality training that Joseph does. We'll have to see how that goes. And I haven't really decided yet what the situation will be in ep.11 when they do confront demons, whether it'll be interactive or just a movie part to watch, but preferably, I'd like the users to be able to interact and do something during the demon fight scene in ep.11. Thanks for the review XxpyroxX.

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i really like this. its cool. you should make more. like this.

Well a sad thing has happend and i want pity. When i was on vacation and my brother did a system restore on my comp. without relizing it and i lost my data. I was working on a flash. This Sucks!

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